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Uploading to Workshop

You have to accept this agreement to be able to upload your mods to Workshop.

Mods are uploaded by ModUploader.exe. You can launch it through Steam by Right-clicking on Graverun > Workshop uploader.

The uploader looks like that:

If you want to create a new Workshop mod:
Select the "New" checkbox.
ID should be empty.

If you want to update already existing mod:

Select the "Update" checkbox.
ID should match the mod ID you want to update..
You can find the ID in the address bar of the mod page. For example:

1124041951 is the ID you need to enter.

Now point by point

  1. Fill the "Title" and "Description" fields.
  2. Set "Visibility" for other users.
  3. Press "Select.." in the "Folder" line. It will open a dialog window where you need to select the main folder of your mod (the folder with About.txt and .opt files)
  4. Press "Preview" and select a preview image for your mod.
  5. Press "Upload".

Possible errors

...error 25

Invalid image.