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Scoreboard, Site & Mods

Project’s website and records data have moved to a new server in Amsterdam.

Due to the above yesterday you could have experienced a brief period when records were not working - it should be ok now.

I’m going to work with the website, update it and translate into English in the coming days. After that I’ll settle down to polishing the modding system.

Small update with fixes

2016-09-23_00-21-17A small update with fixes is now live.

  • Fixed the reloading mini-HUD near the player to eliminate mirroring effect.
  • The game now loads in debugging mode to help identify errors some players struggle with.
  • Some files are moved or repacked.
  • Loading console is now in English.
  • Fixed shot (slash) animation when the player faces right.
  • Fixed the Window/Full Screen and Internet Connection buttons text.
  • Players can now ‘ghost’ through each other as NPCs.
  • You can only dash now if you don’t shoot. This is designed to reduce the uncontrolled dashes and fix the issue when you stop shooting while the shoot key is still pressed on.
  • Fixed the reloading bar height in the main HUD to keep it within the window borders.
  • Fixed keyboard controls setup menu to stop hotkeys from clicking by itself.
  • Standard keyboard controls changed to stop pressing Ctrl+Tab (Steam in-game menu).
  • Fixed joystick controls setup, you can now use a joystick to do that.
  • Fixed animation for shooting security zombie.
  • Weapons with zero shoot delay time now display shoot speed correctly.